NanoJava 1.0

NanoJava is an advanced optimization tool designed for Javaprogrammers.It...

NanoJava is an advanced optimization tool designed for Javaprogrammers. It provides valuable information, allowing the user to greatlyimprove code efficiency, and to better understand the internals of the JVM (JavaVirtual Machine).

Any Java programmer has some day encountered performanceproblems. These problems often come from very specific portions of the code. Itis then necessary to apply advanced optimization and correction to the involvedcode.

Many tools allow to identify the critical sections of code. But onlyNanoJava provides efficent measures on coding variations. NanoJava allows to measure the three effect of a codesection: the CPU time consumed by the code the memory consumption impact of the code the code size impact of the generated bytecodeThese three figures are measured for very small portions ofcodes, for instance the addition of two integer values.

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